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  • We ask that you look over your gowns closely before bringing them in to check for any damage such as stains or tears. If you see that your gowns have any stains, please have them dry cleaned before bringing them in.

  • You DO NOT need an appointment to bring in formals.

  • We DO NOT consign gowns over 3 years old; it is simply difficult to sell older styles.

  • If you expect that you will want your cloth/canvas dress bag once your dresses' year of consignment is up, you will need to take it with you upon consigning your gown(s) as we do not keep up with your specific bag(s).  

  • Dresses left over their 1-year consignment are yours to pick up, just call us ahead of time to make an appointment! Dresses left past their 1 year with no contact from the consigner are donated to local Cinderella's Closets - we do NOT contact you when your year is up. 

  • Michelle typically prices dresses at 50-60% of their retail price, we do price check to be sure that our selling price is under the retail price if the dress is still available in stores. If you are unhappy with your quoted price, you are more than welcome to not consign your dress. 

  • You will receive half of what your dress sells for but not until after your dress has sold.

  • We do our best to get all of our wedding gowns listed on our website, but this takes us some time and it may be a couple of weeks or more before your gown makes it to our site. We appreciate your patience and understanding of this and know that we work diligently to do everything we can to help your dress sell!

More details and specifics about our consignment, the button below is linked to our contract!

Thank you!

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