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Formals, wedding, Mother of the Bride/Groom and all other formal items are accepted anytime we are open, no appointment necessary, our in our Bowling Green location only!

NOW Accepting FALL & WINTER Clothing Consignment!

20+ items we ask that you book an appointment!
Less than 20 items drop off with no appointment Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday!

Please follow the guidelines below for what we will be looking for when we begin accepting for the each season!

The top of this page will always have the most up-to-date info about what seasons/items we are accepting, but below is generally our time frames & what types of items go along with those seasons. If you're ever unsure of what season your certain items fall under you can always call us to ask!

SPRING/SUMMER  February - June
*Examples of Spring/Summer Clothing can include short sleeves, sleeveless, capris & shorts, swimsuits, bright colors & florals, short sleeves, shorts, and sleeveless Name Brand athletic wear, sundresses, men's polos & short sleeve buttons downs (reminder that we can be selective on dress clothes), etc. 
FALL/WINTER August - December
*Examples of Fall/Winter Clothing can include Jeans, long pants, long sleeves, dark colors & fall/winter prints, coats/jackets, boots/tennis shoes/closed-toe shoes in dark colors, long sleeves and pants Brand Name athletic wear, men's long sleeve tops and button downs (reminder that we can be selective on dress clothes), etc.  

Please pay close attention when selecting items to bring in that they are the season in which we are taking and follow all the below rules. We will not be able to accept items that do not follow our guidelines. We appreciate your understanding of this. 
1. There is no minimum but the maximum is 60 pieces per appointment.

2. We typically do not accept Dress Clothes: this includes but is not limited to, men's and women's button-downs and collared shirts, slacks, suits, sports coats/jackets, etc. We will be extremely selective on these items and may turn away items that are new or in like-new condition because these items tend to not sell as well. If you have questions on this please feel free to call us! If you do bring in dress clothes please limit them to 10-15 items so we can take a look and let you know if we can keep them and if it is worth bringing the rest if you have more.

We ask for your understanding in this. If you have questions on this please feel free to call us! 

3.  All items should not be older than 2 years and be mall or boutique brands. We may turn away brands such as Old Navy, Target, and other brands in similar price points because the resale value just isn't there. Designer Purses and like-new shoes are always in high demand!

4. All items MUST be on hangers prior to your drop-off. We will not accept items that are not on hangers. We, unfortunately, do not have any hangers that we can give you in the BG location; the Glasgow location always has hangers to give away! Purses and shoes can be in a bag. Please no shoe boxes unless they are brand new shoes. 

5. We will be very selective on what we keep and we appreciate you understanding this when we do not accept certain items.


We look forward to seeing you!!

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